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an English session on Crenolibre

Hypnotherapy and EMDR are techniques that can help with : 

  • getting rid of fears and blockages to feel better (self-confidence, phobias, stress, pain, shyness, allergies, sexual issues…)

  • changing negative habits to regain freedom (smoking, food disorder, addiction, impulses...)

  • accepting reality to move forward (mourning, trauma, accidents, complexes, separation...)

  • developing one's potential and take action (dare to launch oneself, regain energy, develop creativity, enhance self-esteem…)

English sessions for adults only • LGBTQIA+ people welcome 🌈

& self-improvement


Anyone can reach the hypnosis stage when they are neither awake nor asleep, somewhere in between; in this inner state, the brain is able to approach things in a sensory and imaginative mode, more than in "ordinary" life situations. This is the ideal way to access the unconscious, where our capacities are increased! It is therefore an effective way to change what is difficult to activate by reason or by will, working and focusing on the emotional aspects of the problem.


Therapeutic hypnosis is particularly recommended if you are looking to reveal your brain's potential to feel better.

EMDR english


"EMDR" (Eye Movement Desensibilization and Retreatment) consists in reprocessing a traumatic information (thoughts and emotions) through movements on both sides of the body. I am here to guide you throughout the process.


My practice is a combination of EMDR and hypnotic suggestions and techniques, in order to work on the areas of the brain involved in emotional blockages and disturbances.


Hypnotherapy or EMDR sessions • €80

Children and teenagers sessions • €70

Special rates • €70

for -18 y.o. and students (upon receipt of proof before the first session)

Discovery session • €60

without any particular therapeutic aim, equivalent to 3 hours of deep sleep: indulge yourself with a relaxing interlude!

an English session on Crenolibre

Payment in check or cash preferably (to limit bank charges); credit cards accepted.


Some insurance companies refund part of the hypnotherapy sessions: get in touch with them! I provide invoices upon request.


Cancellations, postponements and delays: in a matter of mutual respect, 48-hour notice is required in the event of cancellation or postponement. Please note that:

  • Any session cancelled or postponed less than 48 hours in advance will be charged €30; 

  • Any delay of more than 15 minutes may result in the cancellation of the session, for practical reasons;

  • If you don't show up without notice, the session will be fully charged. 

Thank you for your understanding.



I am a caring, empathetic and dynamic person, often described as gentle, creative and very smiley. Deeply optimistic by nature and sensitive to human stories, I am interested in listening to the body and sensations as much as the mind and emotions. I personally practice yoga and impro; I am sensitive to gender and LGBTQIA+🌈 issues, and all forms of discrimination. My MBTI profile is ENFJ. 


I signed the deontological charter of the hypnotherapist profession; I will help you reach your goals, but I am neither a psychologist nor a doctor (therefore, I do not diagnose or prescribe any medication).


Of course, it is up to you to decide whether my profile and personality will suit you!

an English session on Crenolibre

Aurélien Guihéneuf
Who am I
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